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About Cinestudios

Cinestudios is a multi-award winning film production company which has created Academy Award | BAFTA | Canadian Screen Awards qualifying content.

We are based in Australia, operating in Queensland and Victoria. We specialise in creating custom tailored high quality showreels for actors to land their dream roles and agents within the film industry.

Joshua Francesco Hoareau is a multi-award winning, Academy Award, BAFTA and Canadian Screen Awards qualifying Film Maker from Melbourne, Australia. He is a graduate of Film and Digital Media majoring in Film for his Bachelor's Degree from Deakin University.

Beginning his career with the sci-fi film ‘Arrival’, Joshua went on to win a series of awards and caught the eye of American producer Andrew Cosby (Hellboy, 2 Guns, Eureka) who praised the film stating,

“I really loved your film and think it could easily be expanded into something really commercial and compelling…You found that perfect balance of concept and character.”

From this, Joshua went on to create several more films winning a multitude of awards, which led him to receive an honorary membership into the Australian Directors Guild.

During this time, Joshua continued to create new worlds within his films, leading to the creation of ‘The Great Conjunction’ which was made for the Jim Henson Company and was set within the world of ‘The Dark Crystal’.


Joshua was invited to Los Angeles to meet with Brian and Cheryl Henson at the Jim Henson Studios where a private screening of the film was aired.

Joshua received a special printed piece of artwork from the studio with a message from Cheryl Henson which read,

“What a fantastic integration of live action and puppet characters…A lovely story well told. Poetic and kind.”


Joshua moved to Los Angeles to continue his film career, working on several projects across the United States including the film ‘Oakside Park’ set within the creepy world of the Slenderman. During this time Joshua was also involved in several projects which took him overseas.

After several years working in Los Angeles, Joshua returned to Australia to begin production on his superhero series ‘Impulse’ based on the DC Comics character, slated for released mid-2023.

At the same time Joshua went on to produce and shoot the film ‘Hells Kitchen’ alongside business partner ‘Steve Young’ which went on to win one of the biggest film festivals in the world and qualifying for Academy Award, BAFTA and Canadian Screen Award nominations.

Having now wrapped on Impulse and Hells Kitchen, Joshua has a line up of international feature films which will see him travelling overseas, whilst his own feature film, 'Silence Falls' begins pre-production in Queensland.

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